The slogan of the festival:

Back to the roots, Fertilize traditions.

Venue & Time:

The great Feast of Imam Khomeini in Tehran.

In an area of over 15,000 square meters and with more than 400 companies and cooperatives producing handicrafts and offering specific products and Arabic countries, Iran and other African countries. Including 1,000 square meters of booth space as well as culture and lifestyle, especially Iranian, Arabic and African.

Cooking and crafts booth at the fair and festival as well as interactive and direct communication with visitors will provide a different environment and pleasant.

Participants will be able to exhibit their products and handicraft products directly to visitors and offers to sell.

The duration of the fair will be 4 days, from December 27 to December 30, 2015.

Goals and approaches:

  • The purpose of holding this great cultural and economic event is summarized as follows:

    * Introducing the best of the best of the company, activists and institutions offering such products and services.

    * Diversity and full range of different areas of statutory crafts.

    * Ability to compare services and prices and balance and moderation in decision-making

    * Integration of all providers of these products and services under one roof to choose a better understanding of visitors * Build bridges of friendship between nations, cultures, using this opportunity.

    * Living off roots and interests, with crafts and authentic life style, and the fertility of this tradition.

    * Introduce the culture and lifestyle of the participating countries to visitors

Groups of goods and services in the exhibition:


Stands direct supply and sale of crafts from IRAn, African and Arabic countries. Manufacturers of these products from various countries at the fair produced goods and specific crafts of countries to sell directly to visitors.

Special products of countries

Special food products produced in a country, including a variety of fruits or special local foods and manufactured products, particularly in a country such as Arabic staff, Iraqi date, Omani daggers, Egyptian cotton and ... Will be exhibited.

Life Style

Different life styles and different countries participating in the exhibition are interactive and engaging exhibits that will be the meeting place of different cultures.Common roots of different people will be causes people friendship.

Culture and tradition

In the distant past, Africa and Iran have been engender the greatest civilizations in human history. Therefore, special Stands in this case led to a return to the roots of culture and good traditions will be fertile again.

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