To Exhibit

All steps for reserve stands and participate in the festival and exhibition are as follows:

1 - Complete the stands booking form (Form no.1) completely and legibly and send it to the Secretariat and Executive Committee.

2 - deposit 100% of the amount of the participation at the same time of assign stands and announce of the Secretariat & the financial unit.

3 - Complete and submit the Expo directory book and The inscription above the stands form. (Form no.2)

4 - Completion and submission of exhibitors and request identification cards and parking card. (Form no.3)

5 - Completion and submission rules & policy forms of Exhibition. (Form no.4)

6 - Complete and submit the request form for advertisment in Expo book. (Form no.5)

7 - Complete and submit the request form for advertising in the promotional bag fairs. (Form no.6)

8 - Complete and submit the request form for participation and sponsorship of fairs and festivals, if desired. (Form no.7)

9 - Complete and submit the form no.8 if you choose self-completion stands. (Form no.8)

Important note

Dear participants note that due to limited exhibition space and stands,Priority allocation of stands will be with Those participants who have advertisment in Expo book and Festival Promotional bags.

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